Embracing Lucifer!

The night, when I sat near my window

I heard a distant intense weeping,

My eyes searched through the darkness

A cold-comforting shadow, fell upon me.


His eyes were fierce with a touch of agony.

Soliloquy of his secrets were audible to my human ears Continue reading


Hopeless expectations!


Half past ten
I still stare at the screen
Waiting for a text that
Has never been typed.
Each second seems like an
Unconsciously I melt in the moment :
I see you standing beside me
Your smile leaves me enchanted
My skin burns in your gaze
When you lifted me in your arms
I felt like the world spinning.
A light touch is all it took,
My eyes sensed the vase before it’s landing
Thudd… It fell right into my clasp.
Dragged into present I pondered upon the status of my life as the question hung out cold
“Will my life also be saved from shattering into thousand uneven pieces????”
Alas! Time might unfold.