Fiery spumes of resonating thoughts!

(This poem is a progeny of my imagination of the above Image. So if you have a different perspective of this same image, you are welcome to post in your views as comments).

An unshaped dawn unfolds.

Shadows fight to retreat.

An uncontrollable shrill escapes my throat,

The chains around me cease to echo in the stillness.


No, I will never bow my head.

No, no I can’t lose

My pride needs its crown, Continue reading


The Happily Everafter!!!

Every name holds a history.
A history which has many hidden layers in it.
When yesterday gives way for today,
Doors of the haunted past starts to rattle.

Somewhere a door is unlocked
Giving life to those skeletons in the closet.
Cold rain lashed through the broken windowsill,
When breathless murmurings filled the empty corridor.
Hurrying footsteps neared my chamber
As I lay, chained.
Blood oozed out off my wounds
When I tried to break free.

I saw the moon enter into my chamber.
He lifted me with care
And embraced with love.
As his eyes met mine
My lips shivered with pain.

I stretched my hands to touch his countenance
(but) the chains denied me any movement.

The night was still young
When we set on our flight.
Immersed in crimson lights,
Faraway stood, a crystal cottage.
Like in a novel,
Blue beams poured into the cottage
As we entered through the glass doors.

Pain and agony got shattered into thousand pieces,
When golden petals showered on me.
A soulful melody echoed in the atmosphere;
A sudden fleeting of robes caught my attention,
As he descended from the stairs.

He cupped my face with his palms
As his intense gaze made me melt.
When his lips claimed my soul, I tasted our happily ever after.
And together we strolled,
Towards world’s end!