The title of the blog invokes random thoughts in every reader’s mind. Why sucha title ? If I say I don’t know then that would be a big fat lie. So let me explain. Initially when the blog’s idea striked me I pondered on what would be my blog’s content and title. That’s when Echoes came to my mind. Echoes as in those emotions that are left unheard and suppressed. And since my writings are fully based on feelings  and emotions, I gave the extension as The language of emotions. Now silence crammed into it because of my sister. She is the one who suggested me to keep this as my first book’s title when we had the idea of publishing my anthology of poems. So the dream of blog materialized first and I kept that as my blog name. Nevertheless it’ll be my first book’s title too, soon.(fingers crossed) 🙂

Coming back to blog posts. I strongly feel in this prosthetic world we are being blind to our inner self. To win the race of life we ourselves turn into toys that are insensitive to the event’s that is happening all around us. We close our eyes to the world’s hypocrisy. We stab the knife on our chest each time we turn our heard, for the heart stopped beating long ago; from others emotions. We are caught in the realm of desire where with each passing minute and day we become more and more insatiable drinking the potion of avarice.

And so I felt that those emotions should be brought to light. It should be read or at least stumbled upon by the robots who call themselves as human beings.

I’ve read somewhere that writing is an insatiable and abrasive habit. And I very much agree with that. Sometimes when I write I feel that I write for the sheer pleasure of telling  a story or engaging the reader. I hope to be 100% dedicated to my job of posting on the blog.

Echoing Silence is a perspective in time. At times true memories can seem like phantoms while false memories become so convincing that they replace reality. Which implies that the dividing line between disillusionment and nostalgia is hard to understand.

P.S: I don’t reread my writings in the fear that I would repent. As readers you are the victims of my crime. I hope you all will be glad to involve in this delinquency :p  😉


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