Fiery spumes of resonating thoughts!

(This poem is a progeny of my imagination of the above Image. So if you have a different perspective of this same image, you are welcome to post in your views as comments).

An unshaped dawn unfolds.

Shadows fight to retreat.

An uncontrollable shrill escapes my throat,

The chains around me cease to echo in the stillness.


No, I will never bow my head.

No, no I can’t lose

My pride needs its crown, Continue reading


Embracing Lucifer!

The night, when I sat near my window

I heard a distant intense weeping,

My eyes searched through the darkness

A cold-comforting shadow, fell upon me.


His eyes were fierce with a touch of agony.

Soliloquy of his secrets were audible to my human ears Continue reading



In the night’s windowless darkness
I lay detached,
Staring at the ceiling
Yearning for your soothing touch.

I long to feel your arms
Around me
Your piercing gaze which never
Leaves me alone.

Our secret meeting remains pending,
Ever since the summer of 99.
Thousand years seems too short
Compared to our eternal love

Even when  my hair turns grey
And woods start to decay
I will still be waiting
For our eternal reunion!