Happy woman’s day to all the women out there!!!!!!

Equality has been a much avoided word these days.But how much ever we try to avoid it , it creeps in through everywhere. so let us face it now!

Today google asked me what equality meant to me n I couldn’t resist writing this.(This post is open for discussion)

Equality for me is able to raise my voice against men even if they are elder; what is wrong is wrong and what must be contradicted must be contradicted. Age cannot be a licence for dominance.

Equality for me is fighting for my dreams. No matter how huge/small/silly/impossible/strange they seem for others, they are my dreams and to materialise them I would fight like a warrior.

Equality for me is to stand against the dowry system. Women are not things which you buy in a barter system.

Equality for me is going past the stereotypes of color. Racism is not an application to install rather a Trojan virus that must be removed forever

Equality for me is treating every male and female with same number of opportunities. Sex doesn’t determine the amount of talent/hardwork/dedication/effort/skills that remain in an individual.

Equality for me is to walk down  the streets with head held high irrespective of the time and the costume I am wearing. Democracy also looks good outside the dictionary

Equality for me is saying no to violence against women. They are not toys or dolls which you throw  away after your usage or which you unlace  according to your mindset and interest.

Equality for me is breaking the patriarchal norms created by the society. When you stand folding your hands in front of a deity she doesn’t bless you according  to sex/gender.

Equality for me is justice for every person  who has undergone sexual assault/rape/sexual harassment. Humanity  has lost its value in the stock market.

But  why does it matter because the “me” is useless in this prosthetic society but you are still shining with good lustre. Nevertheless it’s a vicious circle, so let “us” rewrite the code.!