(This poem is a progeny of my imagination of the above Image. So if you have a different perspective of this same image, you are welcome to post in your views as comments).

An unshaped dawn unfolds.

Shadows fight to retreat.

An uncontrollable shrill escapes my throat,

The chains around me cease to echo in the stillness.


No, I will never bow my head.

No, no I can’t lose

My pride needs its crown,

My ego’s standards must be met.

Alas, I’ve held my pain for long;

My soul is in agony,

It’s time to kneel down.


Crushed and fragile,

I lay vulnerable under your feet.

Your smothering gaze peels my skin,

The thick metallic laughter plunges into my ears.

My helplessness enthralls you.

Alas, don’t get choked by ecstasy.


Dear friend, your desperate glory is temporary.

My numb soul cannot be succumbed by your geometrics.


What would you do, if my racing thoughts are arrows?

Arrows, with haunting memories of your past?

Ah…. that pained resentment in your eyes,

Balms my bruised soul.


So clap your hands,

A little louder this time.

And fill in your appetite, perfectly

For when the hunger strikes again

You’ll be left, starving;

(With out even an invisible crumb to savor).


Image courtesy : Chris Blair



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