The night, when I sat near my window

I heard a distant intense weeping,

My eyes searched through the darkness

A cold-comforting shadow, fell upon me.


His eyes were fierce with a touch of agony.

Soliloquy of his secrets were audible to my human ears

In his entirety

a terrific charm exuded which was hard to resist.

In the attic of my heart

cobwebs started shrieking.

Centuries of waiting has come to a standstill.


The cracks on his armor

Narrated endless Tales of defeat.

When he turned away, ashamed

I pulled  him to face me.

In the mirror of my eyes

He saw the fire of hope surfacing.


In the sudden urge of ecstasy

his lips claimed mine,

An untamed electricity

shaked me inside out.


O My prince in disguise

You have come this far,

its only a matter of time.

Alas! Embracing is just the beginning!!!



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