Dear Stranger,

Today morning when I woke up from my sleep I got this strange feeling that you have given up” the search for me”. I don’t know whether this is real because reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. But if you have then, let me tell you that disappoints are transient don’t let them take control of you. Always remember that opportunities once ignored are hard to retrieve.

When you walk past those closed wooden doors and rain washed windowsills just care to take a second look. I might be either  in the kitchen making hot chocolate or traveling beyond time through  the pages of Mitchell/Austen. Its your faint footsteps that brings me back to reality. By the time I come out you would have vanished and all that would remain would be your invisible footprints.

Let me confess, do you remember that night, past twelve when the lightening struck the clock tower? Well, that was our first encounter. Your  car’s engine broke down and you were really not in a good mood to meet me. So I decided to brighten up you by offering  the torch light and give you my company until the dawn broke. I know you were very grateful for my kind gestures though you couldn’t say it properly. When I understood you were searching past my veil I turned away hastily though  only to regret later. That day my mind was so restless and discontented that I couldn’t put myself together.

Yesterday when the breeze caressed me my body blushed gaily. Tonight as the moon surrenders to the night, my eyes search for your shadow.My heart flutters in the dream of our union.I assure you, we wont be lost in the frozen night. When time comes we shall sail in wind’s chariot all the way to our Palace of illusions.

Yours R

P.s : Illusions are not punishments rather they are  balm to a burning soul. The reality of in-existence torture the mind unconditionally where as the heart embraces the phantom of truth. Therefore I am only trying to say that I am an illusionised reality.


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