A story, untold!


I had a neighbour
Who sat still like a statue
In her balcony.

Every evening I saw her
Staring at nothing,
Lost in timelessness.

One day I saved all my courage
And decided to confront her.
Dressed in my best attire
Thrilled, I hopped all my way
Towards her mansion.

The house was fully packed,
As though everyone wanted
To meet her on the same day.

Thousand pairs of eyes
Stared at me
As I stepped inside.
To my surprise I saw her
Lying inside a large box.
The change of position
Didn’t suit her much.
I bent down to inform her of my arrival.
Someone from behind grabbed me
I kicked hard and screamt.
Alas, I was a worm
Winged like an eagle.

They took her away
And buried deep.
I sat beside her,
Wept endlessly.

I tried to dig hard and to pull her out
With my four inch big fingers
I could reach knee deep.

That night she came in my dream.
Her eyes sparkled,
She kissed on my bruised knuckles.
We talked a lot,
And then she put me to sleep.

Next morning as the sun kissed me awake
I chuckled at the memory of my lovely dream.
A thick diary caught my eye,
I scooped it up from my bed side.
It read,
Mrs Robinson – A story untold!


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