Time is slipping right underneath our feet,
“This moment”, its precious.
Dawn fades
Giving way for the stars to twinkle.

We wait impatiently
For an unborn tomorrow
While mourning over,
a dead yesterday
and In between we guiltlessly murder
a thriving today.
This cycle continues-
Once a hope
Later a victim.
Spreading the potion of anxiety everywhere.

Ceaselessly, we paint white
On our brazen face,
Seldom do we realize
Our soul has been darkened beyond night.

Every passing second
A treacherous deed is committed.
Pushing away innocence
To a far deep corner.

Alas, when the dawn breaks again
We stand brazen,
Ready to crush that tiny bit of humanity
Left inside us!
Copyright©2015Radhika Menon N. All Rights Reserved


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