A vivid memory although it may never happen!

That stupid signature smile of yours
Which brightens up my face,
Those over rated jokes that make my day.

Now when I rewind,
I get a glimpse of every
Countless stories we discussed,
Weirdest doubts we failed to clear,
Undescribable feelings we ceased to share;
They pile up my memory jar
Pushing each other out.

Did we meet at wrong time?
Or were we even destined to meet?
Infinite questions haunt me unconditionally.

We stand on the silver line
Trying to support each other from falling.
Secretly we pray for another chance;
So we stumble into each other
And end up with an undying love,
To grow old together,
As you kiss on my wrinkles
And Make me feel special.

Alas, do we have a real chance?
Or are we too going to be a memory
Anonymous as its been?!


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