The illusion of absolute truth!


Marriage, a bidding
Where women are sold
Like real estate properties.

Virgins rate high in ranking
Lasting for only a few seconds.

Color dominated there too
Making the curtains feel inferior.
Second- hands were seldom purchased
And ended up as consolation prize.

The intercourse was mandatory.
The womb was meant to be burdened.
If anything went wrong
She bore and bore
Screaming endlessly,
To bring forth the progeny(for which she was actually purchased).
There too gender played its part
Detesting the females
Who would decompose the family,
While praising Male’s who would conquer new heights.

Her story ends here.
Past creeps in the background,
A quixotic and high spirited soul
Roam around happily;
Now lay crumbled
Like an old newspaper.

Terrified, I try to touch and console her
As she vanish into thin air,
Leaving me dumbfounded.


8 thoughts on “The illusion of absolute truth!

  1. Perfect! from one perspective and in case of many women. The best part is about the virginity. They want something so called ‘pure’ to make it ‘impure’.
    Well written. 🙂


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