I was thirteen

when married.

Excitement impregnated my body

when the knot was tightened.

I was fond of toys.

Dolls were my favorite.

Hardly did I expect

to own a live one,

smooth and soft,

red and lovely.

who responded to all my actions,

who made me feel like a human being,

who looked at me

with not mere wanting

but love and affection.

You eased my pain

Kissed on my wounds

And sucked on my bruises

Leaving no scars behind.

O my living doll!

You fed me love,

dressed me in respect

And taught me patience.

Now as you tuck me

inside my bed,

kiss on my forehead,

whisper in my ears;

In trepidation  I blink my eyelids…


Was it you or ME??!!!

© …………………………………………………….


5 thoughts on “Confessions of an old teenager!

  1. I love d way u attach ur imagination with the poems. Those images really convey how d author ir feeling about her creation. Looks like they r poems with an eternal appeal 🙂 good luck!


  2. I am refraining myself from reading more than one post a day, so as to save the remaining for more days to come. Keep posting your writings, make an ocean of silence and let us take a deep dive in it. Love.

    I’ve experienced silence at the end of this post !!

    Liked by 1 person

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