December is here to stay. Right from my childhood I’ve had huge fascination for December. Its charm never wearing off and hope always showing its presence. The snow filled landscapes, the cold lazy mornings, the lovely breeze that gives us a smile. Hot coffees, delicious muffins, campfires that makes us cozy and happy.

A month of happiness, surprises and gifts. There are very less people who love winter, am definitely one among them. Its really beautiful to look at the setting sun on a chilly wintery evening with a mug of hot chocolate in our hand eventually taking a sip from it to stay one with reality. When walking on the road gets abit difficult but still to feel the snow underneath our feet we take an evening stroll when the aroma of cookies baking in the neighborhood fill our nostrils. Once or twice obliviously we stop to look at the kids fighting with their parents to buy them toys. That feeling of nostalgia hitting us hard on the forehead.While returning home we unknowingly search for something and after battling for almost several hours come up with something from a dusty corner of our rack. In awe we would stare at it, holding tightly to the last piece of our childhood which cannot be relived.

I’ve always believed that December is capable of everything. I don’t know when the belief sprouted though but yea faith is capable of everything, as we all know. December, when all our wishes start to materialize, when hope and faith is at its peak,when even at night moonlight is filled all around sweeping away the darkness. The stars shining and winking at us assuring that all our faith is surely gonna pay soon. And when hope fails to materialize the breeze hugs us and ask to be a little more patient for the glass jar of wishes went missing two days back. At night when we cry ourselves to sleep, angels and fairies wipe away our tears and sprinkle the magic dust so that our dreams take us to a world of only happiness and joy.

Life starts to seem like a fairytale a lot more simple, calm yet happening. Its not necessary to be happy always but what matters is those small little silly moments that makes us feel special. That occasional glance of your mother when you are ready with the trick, the old repeated stories of your grandma about how she being the intelligent, beautiful, charming princess in disguise whom unfortunately the prince couldn’t marry. How she became your best partner in crime saving you from your mom’s penetrating looks and her cross questioning sessions.

On Christmas eve when you try hard not to fall asleep but again become the victim of it after which Santa leaves your present under your coat. In the morning when sadness tries to claim your day happiness wins it with all its strength with the lovely presents.

Food is definitely not what anyone want to miss. The extravagant delicious Christmas lunch. whoaaaaa… my mouth has already started watering. Uff the holly jolly turkey with maple syrup and apple stuffing. hmmm…the soft juicy bite takes you to another world or the crunchy stuffed pork roast which makes your guest feel royal. The chickpea fattoush to add a middle eastern taste. The tangy honey glazed ham for ham lovers served along with scalloped potatoes, creamed peas and biscuits and definitely the traditional pudding and the yummy dessert. The raspberry cranachan trifle with crunchy hapjack style toasted oats without which the celebration is incomplete. OMG!!!! My stomach is gonna explode..

Finally we sit together around a campfire and become nostalgic and start waiting for the next Christmas and those lovely December days.

P.s : In real am a vegan :p


8 thoughts on “Its Christmas, anything can happen!

  1. OMG… d description takes me bak to d Christmas i hav alwyz wished for…i think u forgot to mentiond most important aspect…mi Favorite one actually…D CHRISTMAS TREE….decorating dat and the house wit christmas lights….d beauty of how a hous comes alive at nyt wit d blink of an eye…..

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