When you march through dusty roads.
When hope fades into thin air,
When life seems like a trap,
Hold to yourself
For you is worth trying.

In this cursed world
Where miracles cease to exist
Be the lost hope.

When the west wind drill your skin
Be an insensitive Armour.
When wounds make you vulnerable
Be a walking robot.
For this world needs you
It needs you bad.

It’s unfair, this battle.
It always was!

When the bloodshed
and war reach its end.
When echo cease to reverberate,
Wrapped in glory
You would lay motionless.
No one just no one
Will spot you.
Invisible and concealed
You would lie
In a corner, for ages.
Rotten and stale.

After a decade
when some hegemonic group
to gain fame,
Build you a grave.
People will hear your name
Ponder on your sudden acclaim.
And then you too
Would become history
That fades into oblivion.


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