Draped in dewy cloth
there she stood
looking at the starless sky,
Impatiently longing
for winter’s homecoming.

November fades,
Stripping its last robes.
The cheerful moon peeps
inside the dark chamber.
Playing hide and seek
in the young night.
A cool breeze enter uninvited
kissing her soft lips.
Lifting her heavy eyelids
delighted she watched.
The winter’s silver lining
Spread all around.

Faraway heavenly trumpets play,
In welcome of
the charming winter prince
His white horse
knocks on her garden gate.

This is an old fairytale.
Where the prince enters
the palace through the back door,
Kiss the princess
Sweeps her off her feet,
Mount her on his horseback,
take her to his kingdom
And make her his queen.

The story doesn’t end here.
For the bad guy hasn’t showed up yet.
Or is he under prince’s disguise?
Ah! You’ll never know
For this is where I leave you all.
Some orders are meant to obey!!!


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