This poem is actually a continuation of Nissim Ezekiel’s poem Goodbye party to Miss Pushpa T.S. In the actual poem the poet ends it by telling that Pushpa will do the summing up. So interpreting what Pushpa would say I have written this poem. Hope I did full justice to it. ( the real poem is  just below my poem. do have a look its hilarious)So here it is

Friends, country people

today as I say goodbye to you

my eyes are flooding with tears

for the only reason of your goodbye party

Sharmila and gang’s speech

took me to my last days

when I think of our meetings

I am pleasured.

everyone of you welcomed me

with both of your hands

how much I was pleased

in intensifying your grief.

The way everyone of you

lifted me when I fell down

Shanti, my bestfriend

very thin but big heart

who even was from

a highest family than mine.

Her father was high court judge

in Delhi or some other place

I remember which place

it is there in the tip of my tongue

Ah, yes, Kerala

Its from tip I got

I have not gone there

but heard alot

Coconut trees and backwaters

Heavy showering all the time

Coming back to all my other friends

who are very considerate

including my men friends

making me happy always

never saying no when i ask

I am glorified

God showered such friends to me.

What can I ask for more

nothing else equals you

I leave for good

Do not cry in my vacancy

Never give peace to one another

be together always.

I am stopping here

I can’t go on forever

My hearty condolense

for listening to my speech.

Goodbye Party For Miss Pushpa T.S

our dear sister
is departing for foreign
in two three days,
we are meeting today
to wish her bon voyage.
You are all knowing, friends,
what sweetness is in Miss Pushpa.
I don’t mean only external sweetness
but internal sweetness.
Miss Pushpa is smiling and smiling
even for no reason
but simply because she is feeling.
Miss Pushpa is coming
from very high family.
Her father was renowned advocate
in Bulsar or Surat,
I am not remembering now which place.
Surat? Ah, yes,
once only I stayed in Surat
with family members
of my uncle’s very old friend,
his wife was cooking nicely…
that was long time ago.
Coming back to Miss Pushpa
she is most popular lady
with men also and ladies also.
Whenever I asked her to do anything,
she was saying, ‘Just now only
I will do it.’ That is showing
good spirit. I am always
appreciating the good spirit.
Pushpa Miss is never saying no.
Whatever I or anybody is asking
she is always saying yes,
and today she is going
to improve her prospect
and we are wishing her bon voyage.
Now I ask other speakers to speak
and afterwards Miss Pushpa
will do summing up.
( A poem by Nissim Ezekial)

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