To my beloved Friend


I still remember
the dismay on your face.
Those half panic replies
that was never complete.
Like water and fish we bonded
We picked the sweet wild flowers
and made garlands.
The dismay soon turned into faith
As with graceful words
I wiped your fears.

Together we climbed those sloppy hills
And chased our treasured dreams.
The tortured path was vulnerable
Still we were inseparable.

When the covetous fate designed
Its filthy play
By materialising our faith
We gave it a masterstroke.

Too lazy for running now,
We spread a blanket on autumn leaves.
In excited bliss
we count those fallen leaves.

As the day turn static
The fragrance of history
Fill our nostrils.
Sharing those forgotten tales
Gleefully we trick time
As the sun cease to set forever.

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