A memory wrapped in a satin cloth!


While running around the house looking for a place to hide Rachel pushed open the door to the attic. The sudden pressure on the door disturbed  the long settled dust particles.

Sneezing Rachel went towards the closed cupboard. She pulled the doors open. A wrapped up glass jar in a satin cloth hit the ground hard. The glass pieces scattered on the floor.
A silvery substance came out of it.
Eagerly she caught it in her hands. In the next couple of seconds Rachel travelled through time.

She stood in an empty school corridor.
A girl of fifteen was hanging out with her friends. Laughing out and teasing at top of her voice. And then suddenly her laughter was caught in her throat.
Rachel looked around to find two boys of the same age nearing them. All the other girls received them with funny and teasing remarks except her. She glared at them or was it one of them, cause while the other asked her something she gave him a straight reply ignoring the latter.
The boy was handsome with sea blue eyes. His messy hair and chiseled lips make every girl’s heart skip a beat. And the girl, whoa.. a walking masterpiece, her smile could kill someone. The boy looked so helpless. He badly wanted to talk to her but she was not even glancing at him. As if he was invisible. This stabbed him hard making him feel worthless of his existence. Each second felt like a millennium.

Finally when the group dispersed with full courage he caught her hands and pulled her towards him.
Confused and angry she tried to wriggle out but his grip was beyond her frustration.
A spark of heat filled the air, the temperature soared. His deep gaze bore into her skin leaving it enflamed. His hands cupped her face. She felt like a person suffering basorexia. Just as the longing became unbearable he leaned in breaching the distance. The warmth of his lips burned her insides. An electric current shot through her body. Suddenly nothing else mattered. The arguments, fights, ego all long gone. The world seemed like a magical garden in a fairytale.

The initial urgency shifted to a lazy evening stroll. She was lost in the kiss like a kid who lost her way back home. The sudden noise of thunder tore them apart. Her cheeks flushed red giving her away. He took her hands gently and kissed them softly apologizing hard. And like an iceberg melting in hot sun she accepted his apologies when the rain left them wet. Holding hands they walked till the end of their life or so Rachel suppose for memory ends there bringing her back to the reality.

The memory was lost and looking around only one idea came to Rachel’s mind that was to lock the attic before the memory leaves the room forever. Quickly she rushed to the door and closed it tightly.

Mom called her and her sisters for dinner. Before getting inside the kitchen Rachel caught sight of the old photographs on the wall. Bewildered she realised that the charming girl in the memory was non other than her grandma and the handsome boy her grandpa. Happiness wet her cheeks. And gladly later she pestered her mother about grandma’s teenage and marriage.

The window in the kitchen suddenly made an unusual sound as a shadow passed in the backyard. But the sound was lost in the heavy downpour.

Fifteen years passed after that incident took place. Today after her mom’s funeral Rachel decided to visit her family home. Lost in oblivion the house still smell of memories, treasured old memories.

Standing in the attic recollecting her most cherished secret Rachel took out a glass jar wrapped in satin from her handbag and placed it in the cupboard.
Taking one last look around she locked the room as an orange light filled the room.

Leaving the house Rachel proceeds further keeping one feet in fairytale and the other in the abyss called reality. Engraving on the walls of the world that


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