Missing You


Holding back the tears which are dying to come out

Nobody can know that l still think of you

We’re over, there’s nothing left of us

So why are the tears starting to fall?

It isn’t supposed to be this way at all

We said our goodbyes and moved on

You don’t have anything to do with me

So why are you in my thoughts?

Why can’t you just leave me?

We fought all the time non-stop

You always said you love me

And that was the rudest thing you ever did!

So why do i still need you?

I’m the one who chose to end it

I thought that was what I wanted

It was better of that way for both of us

So why do I still love you?

I won’t let anyone know my feelings

Nobody can know that I’m still loving you

Please lord forgive me for what I’ve sinned.

I have committed the biggest crime

I’m missing you!


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