Ancient world.
Unveils the invisibility cloak.
The dying notes still murmur on the string,
when the girl took her maiden step.
Raising her hands to touch the halls of heaven
Stumbled, she fell.

Her faultless form, her lovely face
Adding to the diadem’s new grace.
Like a cygnet in cynosure,
caught in delirium.
Days of feminine joy,
Oblivious of the spurious world.

World of hunger, neglect and shame
cold with hatred and vain.

And she wakes from her midnight dream.
Drowning and breathless.
It’s dark in there as she swim around in her mommy’s womb.
she doesn’t have eyes yet she feels.
Emotions, they are born before us.

As she seep above the embers of elixir.
Pain embellishes the ashes entombed in.
And like a phoenix,
She rises.
Embattling to create a new legacy.


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