Well, when my sister told me that am going to be shocked if she blast the “news” about our great Mahatma I was like fine try me.

The sudden revelation left me frozen. Not that am a big Gandhi person but the role model, the idol the hero of many had a face like this too striked me hard. In the initial stage yeah, I was taken aback.Please follow the link to read the article http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2013/10/gandhi-used-power-position-exploit-young-women-way-react-matters-even-today/#.VDLdMFu6oxp.facebook

But the million dollar question is Will the followers and lovers of Gandhi take this lightly and accept it by thinking that the hero of the freedom fight movement  is a human being and he also has his weaknesses, flaws and this doesn’t have anything to do with his achievements and principles or will they out of a blue create an army of Gandhi haters.Only time will tell us this.


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