As I wander through endless roads
I see many faces
Dark and fair
Bright and fade.
I don’t know why
But I keep searching for a face,
A face which haunts me in my dreams.
Whenever I close my eyes
I see that face
Glowing as a moon
like a pearl on a string.
As I sparkle through the woods
I hear a babble
when I stop to hear
I realise the brook which pass the woods.
Days went
Leaving me busy.
I slept late,
And at times sleep was a distant dream.
Months flew, leaving me idle again.
I slept gently.

No face seeped in,
The face which was within me throughout my life.
Fading into oblivion.
How can it abandon me?

Every day before I lay down,
I cross my fingers
hoping for my treasured dream to come true.
And then, things to be normal again.


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